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SS&C unveils Blue Prism Next Generation, a hybrid intelligent automation platform

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SS&C Technologies Holdings, Inc. is releasing its new SS&C Blue Prism Next Generation intelligent automation platform designed to deliver continuous agile capabilities.

In this first, hybrid-based release, Next Gen delivers all the benefits of cloud while satisfying the necessary industry security and compliance requirements for organizations, including those in highly regulated industries, according to the company.

Next Gen unlocks the full potential of IA by offering organizations greater scale, agility, and access to the latest capabilities through burden-free infrastructure maintenance via the cloud, according to the company.

The platform’s cybersecurity and compliance features are also designed to give access to organizations with sensitive data or restricted systems access.

This first release features:

  • Process design: Next Gen’s Design Studio allows users to create, edit and test processes locally with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop user interface; one that is familiar to existing Blue Prism developers, helping ensure a more seamless, effortless adoption of the Next Generation platform.
  • Centralized storage: Customers can benefit from Next Gen’s Process Repository, which saves processes and objects using cloud-based storage. Users can use version control to track changes with minimal effort and deploy automations using a stage-gated submission and review process with a traceable audit trail to ensure a compliant release process.
  • Secure execution: Self-hosted digital workers can be deployed on an organization’s network, so no sensitive data leaves its site.
  • Cloud-based operations: Next Gen’s Control Center provides a single pane of glass across the entire operation, thereby simplifying worker management across all environments. The organization can start, stop, and schedule processes while monitoring the health of automations and digital workers.

“Although 87% of organizations have accelerated their investments in cloud-hosted automation services in the past year, many organizations still face a number of barriers,” said Colin Redbond, SVP product management, SS&C Blue Prism. “Next Gen’s hybrid deployment model addresses this issue head-on, equipping customers with the latest IA capabilities needed to create value for customers and employees. SS&C Blue Prism Next Gen enables organizations to reduce infrastructure overheads, quickly adapt to changing priorities, scale more effectively, and upgrade digital workers on demand while satisfying the necessary industry security and compliance requirements.”

More than 2,800 customers worldwide run their operations on SS&C Blue Prism, digitizing operations across financial services, insurance, health and pharma, banking, and more.

For more information about this news, visit www.blueprism.com.

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