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MineOS AI Asset Discovery ensures AI data usage remains private, secure, and compliant

Mine, a pioneering company disrupting the data privacy market, is introducing MineOS AI Asset Discovery, a new AI governance solution that enables full visibility and control over enterprise AI systems and data to inform business decisions, assess AI risks, and confidently embrace the benefits of AI while proactively addressing ongoing regulatory frameworks.

According to the company, MineOS AI Asset Discovery offers complete visibility over AI systems, vendors, and projects in development as well as their related stakeholders, allowing organizations oversight of AI at a time when the rapidly evolving technology often serves as a black box for many.

From concerns over the safety and data scraping of AI systems to determining what compliance with emerging AI regulation looks like, MineOS’s new AI governance module gives organizations peace of mind in knowing they have the tools to act.

“We’ve seen a rapid proliferation of AI technologies and corresponding AI regulations, but a precise and actionable blueprint for how companies can effectively govern AI and comply with regulations has yet to hit the market,” said Gal Ringel, co-founder and CEO of Mine. “MineOS AI Asset Discovery and Risk Assessment will bridge the gap between the practical and theoretical sides of AI and data governance as companies navigate the complex new business landscape.” 

MineOS AI Asset Discovery assists enterprises in mapping their AI systems and data to gain continuous visibility over them, from AI-enabled vendors and popular generative AI solutions to internal AI development projects and datasets, and to justify these AI tools’ usage of data in accordance with new and emerging regulatory frameworks.

In addition, MineOS AI Asset Discovery addresses these frameworks’ requirements to determine and estimate AI risks and to establish AI controls that properly account for these risks.  

The expansive level of coverage MineOS provides aids enterprises as they proactively align themselves with emerging AI regulations and bring clarity to AI usage in the present and future. This array of features answers the critical questions around the purpose of AI tools, the risks of AI data usage and training practices, model functionality, and controls and governance: 

  • Full-Spectrum AI Discovery: A full spectrum scan that covers all use cases from third party SaaS vendors that employ AI, to internal services and research projects and their related data sets. 
  • Robust AI Risk Assessment: Enables the calculation of risk to AI systems and creation of risk assessments, via smart templates for AI vendors and custom assessments for internal AI projects in alignment with regulations including the EU AI Act and ISO42001. ? 

For more information about this news, visit www.mineos.ai. ?? 

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