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Avaamo unveils new generative AI framework

Avaamo, a provider of generative AI for the enterprise, is releasing Avaamo LLaMB, a low-code framework for building generative AI applications in the enterprise quickly, safely, and securely.  

According to the company, Avaamo LLaMB addresses the key challenges in enterprise adoption of Generative AI: eliminating hallucinations, integrating disparate enterprise content, automating cross-enterprise workflows, and accommodating any large language model (LLM) the enterprise chooses.

Avaamo LLaMB is the latest in Avaamo’s suite of AI products aimed at reinventing how enterprises leverage AI technology to drive business value.

Avaamo’s AI technology automates conversations, tasks, and workflows and enables seamless self-service experiences across call centers, HR, IT, procurement, and patient communication in healthcare.

The technology is not only safe and secure but comes pre-tuned for employee experience, patient experience, and customer experience use cases. It includes advanced data ingestion and content filtering layer and uses dynamic grounding to incorporate external and evolving information during conversations to avoid hallucinations.

“Despite the rapid development of generative AI products and the accompanying hype cycle, the use of generative AI in the enterprise has been mostly experimental and simple retrieval-augmented generation use-cases with a few documents,” said Ram Menon, CEO and co-founder of Avaamo. “Enterprises’ need for security, safety, reliability, scale, and trust requires more than what the off-the-shelf LLMs can deliver. We have built our generative AI products from the ground up for the specific and complex needs of the enterprise. Our LLaMB framework is the fastest and easiest way to build, deploy, and manage the LLMs enterprises prefer to reshape and transform their business.”

Avaamo’s LLaMB’s suite of capabilities includes:

  • Trust Architecture: LLaMB’s trust layers encrypt all prompts with a zero retention guarantee ensuring out-of-the-box data security with GDPR, CCPA, and SOC2 compliance.
  • Dynamic Prompts: This feature eliminates the need for enterprise developers to craft, manage or update prompts or build custom libraries for any of their use cases “
  • Data Sync: With 1000’s of out of the box connectors, any data source- structured, unstructured, or semi-structured from enterprise systems can be ingested.
  • Data Moderator: Incorrect responses can often be traced back to weak, contradictory, or outdated information. Data moderator scans for these anomalies and offers actionable insights to identify gaps and improve overall quality for better interactions and enterprise-wide use. 

The LLAMB framework enables enterprises to build a new class of GenAI applications that can deliver trusted real-time experiences across the organization.

  • LLaMB for IT automatically resolves IT tickets for employees by finding answers and automating enterprise tasks across all business systems.
  • LLaMB for HR responds to and resolves HR-related cases instantly tailored to employees’ locations, roles, and access privileges. 
  • LLaMB for Customer Service gives customers personalized omnichannel experiences based on integration with enterprise customer service content and CRM applications.

For more information about this news, visit https://avaamo.ai.

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