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Altova introduces AI Assistant in RecordsManager 3.1

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Altova is releasing RecordsManager 3.1, introducing an AI Assistant that will generate a full-featured database solution based on a single prompt. RecordsManager is Altova’s no-code solution for building business database apps for iOS, Android, Windows, and other devices.

“Visual, no code tools like RecordsManager have revolutionized the field of data-centric app creation, making it faster and more accessible. But now imagine expressing your database vision in a single sentence, and having it created automatically—including not just the database structure with all tables, but forms and reports as well. That’s exactly what the new AI Assistant in RecordsManager does,” said Alexander Falk, president and CEO for Altova. “With a single AI prompt, users of all skill levels can turn their ideas into functional databases without any coding or database design expertise required. We are excited to deliver this new functionality so customers can spend less time planning and more time using their next great app.”

The AI Assistant in RecordsManager 3.1 enables app developers to:

  • Create a database-driven app or enterprise solution with a single AI prompt
  • Eliminate the complexities of database design
  • Start with simple or complex natural language prompts
  • Modify existing database structure with AI
  • Deliver a full-feature app for desktop & mobile in record time

Altova has created a cloud-based RecordsManager demo to allow users to experiment with the new AI Assistant, according to the company. No account is required; users can simply start entering prompts and reviewing the results.

When app developers are ready to create and save their own solution to deploy to desktop and mobile users, they can download the free MobileTogether Designer to use RecordsManager 3.1.

For more information about this news, visit www.altova.com.

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