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Email marketing company Rocketseed achieves ISO 27001 certification

Rocketseed, the email signature and one-to-one email marketing company, is announcing its recent ISO 27001:2017 certification, affirming its dedication to global data security and privacy standards. Empowering business to turn everyday emails into powerful marketing channels, Rocketseed’s latest certification echoes its commitment towards delivering truly honest and protected experiences.

Rocketseed offers a range of email solutions that support marketing, IT, sales, HR, customer service, and legal areas, driving engagement, saving time, and boosting business success. Delivering solutions that centrally control email signatures, make every email a marketing opportunity, and surface insightful and actionable marketing data, Rocketseed acknowledges the massive impact that branding can have on an organization.

With the achievement of ISO 27001, Rocketseed emphasizes its mission in protecting both its own and its customers' data, further illustrating its dedication to the economy of branding.

Protecting a range of digital assets—such as financial details, intellectual property, employee information, and data entrusted to them by third parties and customers—Rocketseed’s latest certification demonstrates stringent adherence to global security standards.

“Rocketseed has always been meticulous in our data security and protection. It’s been part of the ethos of the business since its inception,” said Damian Hamp-Adams, CEO of Rocketseed. “Achieving ISO certification is a recognition of the hard work and dedication of the team in demonstrating to our clients that their data is in the right hands.”

Attaining ISO 27001 is only one part of Rocketseed’s mission toward uplifting transparent and lawful data processing and business interactions. The company also adheres to the Open Worldwide Application Security Project (OWASP) standards, which highlights a commitment to providing secure web apps, according to the company.

“ISO is one of many regulatory and compliance frameworks that Rocketseed adheres to. We see huge value in upholding many data privacy standards, including GDPR, POPIA, and HIPAA Compliance,” said Hamp-Adams. “ISO is our latest achievement, but it’s not the first or the last. We work tirelessly to protect our customers' data and improve our internal processes by subjecting ourselves to the rigors of obtaining certification in these different areas.”

To learn more about Rocketseed, please visit https://www.rocketseed.com/.

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