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Stravito releases Microsoft Sharepoint and Microsoft Teams integration for intuitive file management

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Stravito, the enterprise insights platform, is unveiling an enhanced Microsoft Sharepoint and Microsoft Teams Integration feature for the Stravito platform, representing the latest evolution of the solution. Engineered to easily sync and upload Sharepoint files to the Stravito platform automatically, this integration aims to increase accessibility to insights as well as offer seamless integration with existing corporate stacks, according to the company.

Stravito customers—which largely consist of large companies leveraging Microsoft SharePoint and MS Teams—benefit from this latest integration that fits perfectly into their tech stacks. Solving the common friction associated with transferring files from Sharepoint to Stravito manually, this integration enhances file migration while eliminating the need for managing duplicates in either location.

Effective immediately, files on Sharepoint sites and Microsoft Teams folders can now be accessed in real time, according to the company. Moreover, new, modified, or deleted files in select Sharepoint folders are continuously synced onto the Stravito platform—without any impacts to overall performance.

The synced files can then be further utilized with Stravito-powered curation options, including Scrapbook, Collections, Insight Feeds, and more.

“As customers commonly have their research files in SharePoint sites already, the integration removes the need for managing the same files in two places—both in a site in SharePoint and in Stravito,” said Thor Olof Philogéne, founder and CEO of Stravito. “The customer can thus continue working with their files in SharePoint, and the files that are of value for the users of Stravito will automatically be available in Stravito, too.”

In addition to improve insight accessibility, Stravito now offers:

  • Seamless integration with the existing corporate stack
  • Easy onboarding for new regions or departments
  • Findability and reuse of existing knowledge and experience sharing
  • Curatorial opportunities for synced files from Scrapbooks, Collections, Insight Feed, and more

Files can be synced automatically or through Megauplaod, a purpose-built tool for bulk uploading. Megaupload forwards intuitive interfaces while enabling insights administrators to validate/edit the AI-assigned metadata and publish files.

Stravito customers can now access this integration via connecting to a file storage system at the Workspace level in settings.

“The most exciting part about this integration for users is the fact that they can very easily benefit from all the added value of Stravito on the files relevant for their insights use cases, but still continue using SharePoint as their general file repository,” concluded Philogéne.

To learn more about Stravito’s latest Microsoft Sharepoint and Microsoft Teams Integration feature, please visit https://www.stravito.com/.

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