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Mediaflux Pocket combines multifactor authentication with authorization for enhanced data access security

Arcitecta, the data management software company, is releasing Mediaflux Pocket, a new multifactor authentication and authorization (MFA&A) application designed to address the myriad issues associated with unauthorized access to data repositories and file systems filled with sensitive data.

Data security continues to remain a foremost concern for enterprises, increasing in importance as the digital age rapidly evolves. Despite the advent of security measures like virtual private networks (VPNs), external actors, malicious insiders, phishing emails, poor data handling, compromised credentials, and more pose extreme threats to the protection of sensitive data, according to Arcitecta. 

With this in mind, Arcitecta’s development of Mediaflux Pocket puts authorization at the core of the system in combination with multifactor authentication, not just one or the other. 

This fusion of approaches strengthens security and control, enabling Mediaflux Pocket to confirm individual identity during authentication and then verify authorization when a user attempts to execute sensitive data processes. Additionally, the solution delivers enhanced accountability via audit rails and ensures compliance with industry regulations. 

“Multifactor authentication with authorization safeguards enterprise data so that users can access data management capabilities wherever they may be and with the assurance that both internal and external actors are prevented from stealing or deleting data they are not authorized to access,” said Jason Lohrey, CEO of Arcitecta. “Mediaflux Pocket is an integral part of Arcitecta’s focus on creating a data management ecosystem that leverages technological innovation to help our customers and partners keep their data safe, accessible, and easy to manage.”

Mediaflux Pocket offers comprehensive protection while maintaining cost-effectiveness. Protecting data at all levels and access protocols, the solution implements system-wide MFA&A to reduce risk of unauthorized access, data modification, and deletion. 

Mediaflux Pocket further features:

  • Configurable levels of security, tailorable to suit a specific level of restriction
  • Safeguards against phishing or brute force attacks by preventing unauthorized access
  • Security against internal threats with direct system administrator visibility 

Benefitting a wide range of industries, Mediaflux Pocket is now available on both the App Store and Google Play.

To learn more about Mediaflux Pocket, please visit https://www.arcitecta.com/.

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