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Supercharging CX with AI for enterprise-wide benefits

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As user expectations continue to rise in their demand for quality and speed, enterprises are struggling to meet them where they are. How can CX meet these high expectations despite users' patience and attention levels continuously shrinking?

Experts from NICE joined KMWorld’s webinar, How AI-Driven Insights and Behaviors Create Exceptional CX, to discuss how leveraging AI may be the key toward analyzing and capturing customer insights to invoke a seamless and personalized CX.

Brooke Phillips, senior product marketing manager at NICE, highlighted the increased pressure facing companies in an ever-changing market, manifested as high consumer expectation, a dynamic workforce, and new business priorities. Enterprises must contend with managing an immense quantity of customer touchpoints, all the while dealing with where to best invest in employees and what can be automated to save on resources.

Raising the quality of CX, Phillips argued, is the way companies can improve on all these fronts. Through the power of AI and CX, enterprises can overcome organizational “siloed” thinking, under-utilized CX data, and under-acknowledged soft skills.

This revelation comes at a necessary moment in time; according to a report from Aberdeen, 65% of contact centers struggle to use data to achieve their CX and operational objectives.

While ideas highlight a significant area of opportunity, the physical implementation is a far greater feat to achieve.

In order to truly leverage AI for the betterment of CX—and, in turn, of the enterprise more holistically—Jesse Goldblatt, senior engineer of pre-sales at NICE, put forward the practice of connected intelligence, or the de-siloing of the technological barriers between cloud platforms, CX data, and industry expertise.

Goldblatt explained that connected intelligence is achieved through a centralized, AI-powered commonplace from which silos are dissolved. Enlighten AI, NICE’s comprehensive AI and ML framework for CX, can act as this focal point. Designed to make the entire contact center smarter, Enlighten AI offers a series of solutions that are purpose-built, predictive, and optimized for cross-channel and digitally centered touchpoints.

Enlighten AI can directly improve agent performance through sentiment models (which measure whether a customer interaction is positive, negative, or neutral on a relational scale) built from the ground-up to interpret and collect data on customer experiences. This sentiment data, which further highlights any trends in topic, conversational wellness markers (laughter, cross-talk, etc.), and other attributes to inform how to improve soft-skill behavior for agents.

Additionally, Enlighten AI’s AutoSummary provides accurate interaction summaries, reports on those summaries, and visibility into fine-grained components of the customer interaction, such as customer intent, key outcomes, customer satisfaction, and more.

Ultimately, Enlighten AI can radically transform CX through comprehensive analysis of both the customer and the agent alike. Automated note-taking and reports on a wide variety of trends further aid in boosting CX, reducing agent frustration and after-call work, and saving both time and money.

For an in-depth review of improving CX through AI featuring innovative insights, demos, and more, you can view an archived version of the webinar here.

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