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Gulfstream Legal Group debuts latest e-discovery tools for optimized efficiency and ease

Gulfstream Legal Group, a litigation support company with specialties in e-discovery and Records Retrieval/Court Reporting, is launching two Master Tools products—PrivLog Master and DAT Master—that are designed to simplify and streamline the processes associated with e-discovery and file review.

According to the company, PrivLog Master targets the privilege log quality control process, optimizing its efficiency through automated information extraction and organization. Critical data buried within documents—specifically, those of the email-threaded document variety—is now more easily surfaced.

Information such as authors, recipients, dates, and other relevant data are funneled into designated privilege review fields seamlessly. Tightly integrated with Relativity, the UI is more familiar to users and data transfer is optimized for increased ease.

DAT Master improves the overall efficiency of the review process of load files, such as DAT files, that are typically received during document transfers, productions, or exports. This tool eliminates the need for specialized software or data conversions, allowing users to easily review the content of DAT files in a comprehensible format.

“These new tools came at the request of a client and the development team here at Gulfstream Legal knew they could build what they needed to improve overall experience and efficiency in the e-discovery process,” said Joe Swingle, president of Gulfstream. “These tools cut what would have been an hours-long process to just minutes, saving the client time and money. We will continue to build tools off a client request, or when we see an opportunity to fill a hole in the market.”

Gulfstream Legal is continuing to develop additional tools for streamlining e-discovery, which will be launched in the coming months.

To learn more about Gulfstream Legal’s latest tools, please visit https://gulfstreamlegal.com/.

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