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Hygraph introduces top-level remote fields to enhance and simplify its content management platform

Hygraph, the enterprise-grade federated content platform, is unveiling a major update to its platform—launching top-level remote fields. This release will empower enterprises to consolidate distributed content that spans over multiple systems, ultimately enhancing the platform’s ease of use and management, as well as content integrity and overall performance.

Equipped with instant GraphQL content APIs to distribute content to anywhere, the Hygraph federated content platform accelerates innovation by eradicating the drawbacks of headless content management systems (CMS). The platform adapts to the era of composable architectures, enabling seamless distribution of content from differing sources, according to the company.

The introduction of top-level remote fields to Hygraph’s platform innovates in several areas for content management. Firstly, it allows all frontend applications to query data from one universal Hygraph API, greatly simplifying enterprise tech stacks. Hygraph’s single API will also streamline both authentication and authorization processes for frontend applications. This centralization further benefits backend applications, where management processes are simplified due to its management from a singular location.

“Top-level remote fields empower enterprises to unify distributed content from across multiple systems, to deliver to any destination and without duplication,” said Michael Lukaszczyk, CEO and co-founder of Hygraph. “For example, in the context of ecommerce, organizations can now fetch data from their commerce, digital asset management, and CRM systems from Hygraph’s content API, in one single query. This promises to be a real game changer.”

Top-level remote fields also prove advantageous in terms of integration, integrity, and performance, according to the vendor. Application integration is accelerated through low-code tooling, content integrity is improved by eliminating duplicate data and ensuring synchronization across all frontend apps, and querying content from a single API—paired with Hygraph’s advanced caching capabilities—enables high performance content distribution.

“Organizations are currently unable to unlock full value from their content, as custom software and integration challenges slow the creation of new digital services at scale. Top-level remote fields capabilities represent a powerful next step for enterprises to dramatically streamline and modernize content connections and drive the next generation of customer experiences,” concluded Lukaszczyk.

To learn more about Hygraph’s federated content platform, please visit https://hygraph.com/.

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