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Glossary by Haystack eliminates jargon barriers in the workplace

Haystack, the provider of cutting-edge intranet solutions, is announcing the launch of Glossary, a free, scalable, self-service solution built to level the playing field for employees faced with jargon barriers at their workplaces.

Glossary targets the way employees ebb and flow within a workplace, where industry speak and internal lingo may inhibit the productivity of individuals. Traditionally, when encountering these jargon barriers, employees are forced to “boil the ocean,” searching for definitions high and low in an effort to understand their fellow peers and employers, according to the company.

When employees are too busy trying to comprehend industry jargon or internal speech, they spend less time contributing to business success and team effectiveness; this is only further amplified by the increase of work-from-home environments.

Haystack’s Glossary operates on seamless integrations and the company’s core values of connecting every employee in an organization, filling the knowledge gap with a robust productivity tool. Not only does it help existing employees remain up to date with their industry knowledge, it accelerates onboarding for new recruits so team synergy is kept high, according to the company.

Due to both Glossary’s popularity and its cross section with the company’s intranet solution, Glossary was released as a standalone, complementary product. This launch format will enable the Haystack team to ingest real-time feedback from its user base, as well as to conduct experiments and tests, allowing the enterprise to continuously update the solution’s effectiveness.

“We understand that teams are tracking lots of moving parts and have limited bandwidth to try to understand jargon and acronyms. While there is no silver bullet to internal communications, we hope our free self-service tool will raise the bar for team synergy,” said Cameron Lindsay, CEO of Haystack. “Upon drilling down into what our customers love most about our intranet SaaS solution, we found that our digital glossary feature had gained the most traction. By launching this feature as a free, standalone product, we can reach more customers and help teams break down silos, all without having to reinvent the wheel. It’s a win-win.”

To learn more about Haystack’s Glossary, please visit https://www.haystackteam.com/.

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