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KnowledgeLake debuts suite of solutions for optimizing enterprise workflows with AI

KnowledgeLake, a modern, cloud native Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform, is debuting KnowledgeLake StreamLine Solutions, a suite of features designed to transform and optimize enterprise workflows.

The launch of KnowledgeLake StreamLine Solutions centers its focus on Intuitive AI, an AI from KnowledgeLake that delivers secure, highly accurate information while simultaneously understanding business context. Already powering the entire KnowledgeLake ECM platform, it’s now the foundational power behind the enterprise’s latest suite of solutions, according to the company.

KnowledgeLake’s Intuitive AI combines the power of information understanding with a human-like interface, putting relevant, accurate information in the hands of users with ease. The AI automatically summarizes, interprets, and extracts information from any document within seconds, providing a centralized source of truth for an organization.

Its human-like interface is based on an intuitive query-response design, where users can ask questions about documents or give commands to the AI—without the need to train it. Additionally, Intuitive AI offers a streamlined interface for amplifying the power of the AI with customer-specific information, greatly enhancing document accuracy and enabling the deployment of custom workflows.

Powered by Intuitive AI, the KnowledgeLake StreamLine Solutions provides innovative features—KnowledgeLake’s Workflow Engine, Customer Experience Portal, and Instant Pro-Form—to radically optimize enterprise workflows plagued by complex business challenges, according to the vendor.

KnowledgeLake’s Workflow Engine, a flexible workflow designer, is built from the ground-up with APIs in mind. Being both easy to use and customizable, the solution propels rapid workflow builds tailored to their specific needs.

The Custom Experience Portal solution emphasizes self-service and deep visibility, providing a way for customers to interact with the business process directly. Enabling customers to complete various tasks—such as document uploads or question answering—the solution empowers customers to take an active, transparent role in business processes through a streamlined portal.

Continuing to center ease of use throughout their offerings, KnowledgeLake’s Instant Pro-Form provides companies with a simplistic method of collecting customer and external user data. Designed with a drag-and-drop functionality, Instant Pro-Form enables enterprises to rapidly generate forms and customize them according to their desired look and feel.

The KnowledgeLake StreamLine Solutions are easily integrable with other applications, extending its use cases across various industries—including government, financial services, education, and healthcare. Additionally, KnowledgeLake’s platform is built on major cloud providers, like Microsoft Azure and AWS, which innately delivers on storage, security, privacy, and more.

To learn more about KnowledgeLake StreamLine Solutions, please visit https://www.knowledgelake.com/.

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