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Conversica and Salesforce partner, integrating generative AI with Salesforce marketing capabilities

Conversica, Inc., the leading provider of AI-powered conversation automation solutions for enterprise revenue teams, is announcing its partnership with Salesforce, capitalizing on the recent surge in popularity in generative AI. By combining Conversica’s generative AI-driven conversational platform with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, the two vendors aim to intelligently automate marketing functions, prompting better, more efficient customer experiences.

This partnership emphasizes the integration of the Conversica AI-powered Revenue Digital Assistants (RDAs) into Salesforce Marketing Cloud, offering personal AI assistants to increase customer-employee engagement, according to the companies. These assistants are built to learn, understand, interpret intent, make decisions, and take the next best action, providing a way for businesses to scale and automate tasks while encouraging an engaging, positive customer experience.

By enabling targeted, open-ended, and two-way conversations at every stage of the customer journey, the integration pushes top-of-funnel lead generation with one-to-one mid-funnel nurturing capabilities, according to the companies. 

“Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a powerful platform that helps businesses manage and optimize their marketing campaigns. However, no matter how well you segment and personalize a marketing email, it’s still a one-to-many communication, and it only goes one way. That's where Conversica's generative AI solution comes in,” said Jim Kaskade, CEO of Conversica. “Conversica's AI assistants can engage with leads and customers in natural, two-way, and customized conversations that drive toward specific business goals. After the first outreach of Marketing Cloud, end-customers can reply and engage the Conversica AI.”

The integration between Conversica and Salesforce generates an intelligent, branded plane from which customers can interact dynamically, invoking a concierge-like experience that responds to customer queries, according to the companies. If a query goes beyond the capabilities of the RDA, such as in a situation that is more complex or the customer is ready to close a deal, the RDA connects the customer to a human representative to continue the conversation.

Additionally, Conversica’s RDAs can be leveraged to supply offers and product recommendations, as well as upsell or cross-sell campaigns through the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Personalization (Salesforce Interaction Studio). This feature highlights brand interaction through promotions as opposed to receiving them plainly, further increasing customer engagement.

Compounding the generative AI technology of Conversica with Salesforce drives enterprises to create and solidify stronger connections with their prospects and buyers, as well as surface valuable insights that highlight prospects’ needs and interests. This is all done to elevate the customer journey with meaningful interactions, where in turn, brands experience greater customer loyalty, satisfaction, and retention.

“The integration of Conversica's generative AI platform with Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a powerful new tool for businesses of all sizes,” explained Kaskade. “By combining the best of both worlds, organizations are now equipped to deliver human-like, back-and-forth engagement with inhuman consistency, uncovering hand-raisers faster and nurturing the leads that aren’t quite ready for a sales conversation, so no opportunity gets missed.”

Customers can benefit now from the integration without having to write any code or purchase any new technology outside of their existing stack.

For more information about this news, visit www.conversica.com or www.salesforce.com.

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