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Dext selects BillingPlatform to revamp its billing and revenue management processes

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Dext, a pre-eminent provider of cloud pre-accounting solutions, has selected BillingPlatform to meet its evolving billing and revenue management needs.

After a thorough review of the vendor landscape, Dext chose BillingPlatform for its modern and flexible approach to billing and revenue management as part of a three-year agreement, according to Dext.

Dext has a rapidly growing customer base through its wide range of offerings and recognizes the importance of operationalizing its billing and revenue management processes to both support its continued growth as well as providing a frictionless experience for its customers.

The firm selected BillingPlatform as part of its goal to evolve its product portfolio in 2023 and strengthen the company’s GTM positioning as it continues to offer new products and services in the years to come.

"Our legacy billing and revenue management processes were not keeping pace with the way we needed to do business, so our finance team was forced into a lot of manual effort to reconcile billing data to ensure accuracy and timeliness. This consumed valuable time and inhibited our growth,” said Nick Gilhespie, CFO at Dext. “BillingPlatform will be a strategic piece of our core financial tech stack going forward to support not only our current needs but also has the flexibility to handle new billing models as we continue to grow the business.”

Founded in 2010 and headquartered in London, Dext delivers solutions that improve the financial data workflow processes of accountants, bookkeepers, and businesses worldwide.

The firm has sites in several locations including the UK, APAC, North America and France, uniting people across multiple geographies and providing businesses with proactive insight.

Dext has a portfolio of accounting and bookkeeping solutions to ensure its users can be more productive and save time on manual tasks.

BillingPlatform provides full lifecycle support of the monetization process—from product setup, quoting, billing and invoicing, revenue recognition, through payment and collections—all on a secure, next-generation cloud platform.

The unparalleled flexibility of the platform puts enterprises in control of how they differentiate in the market, maximize profitability, reduce operational costs, and improve the customer experience, according to the vendor.

“Dext is another great example of a fast-growing, global company that has selected BillingPlatform to support their complex business models and connect to their key enterprise systems to help automate financial workflows and accelerate business decisions,” said Dennis Wall, BillingPlatform CEO. “We look forward to giving Dext the business model flexibility, scalability and revenue management simplicity to fuel their global growth.”

For more information about this news, visit www.dext.com or www.billingplatform.com.

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