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Pega announces plans to integrate generative AI across Pega Infinity

Pegasystems Inc., the low-code platform provider, announced it plans to expand the use of AI in its platform with a set of new generative AI capabilities across Pega Infinity.

“The world has been captivated by the endless possibilities of generative AI, and now Pega is working on unlocking generative AI’s potential for widespread use in the enterprise with the upcoming launch of Pega Infinity ’23,” said Kerim Akgonul, chief product officer, Pega. “These capabilities will enhance our existing AI and automation capabilities in new ways we have only begun to explore. By combining generative AI and Pega, our clients will be able to dramatically accelerate their path to digital transformation.”

Powered by generative AI models like those behind OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Pega is designing these features to enable users to use generative AI with enterprise governance to complete tasks using simple natural language prompts—from “generate a report” to “refine this offer copy” to “build an application.” This will help turbocharge user productivity with new levels of speed, intelligence, and ease of use, according to the vendor.

By integrating Pega Infinity with generative AI services, Pega will transform how users experience its platform, make it even easier to use, and further unlock its power.

Combined with Pega’s AI-decisioning and workflow automation capabilities, Pega plans to make generative AI ‘enterprise-ready’ to help organizations reach their business goals faster across a range of possible use cases such as application development, 1:1 customer engagement,  or operational insight.

According to the company, Pega’s approach to generative AI incorporates auditing and human approval that are hallmarks of Pega’s platform. This managed architectural foundation provides organizations with safety, security, and reliability for the enterprise.

IT managers will be able to integrate client-specific generative AI APIs into Pega Infinity and centrally manage licenses and controls to give clients flexibility to add existing or emerging generative AI APIs.

Pega will allow for all AI-generated text to be reviewed, edited, and approved by authorized staff to mitigate the risk of inaccurate or biased text from being exposed to customers.

Planned to be available with the launch of Pega Infinity ’23 in Q3 2023, new generative AI capabilities will be showcased at PegaWorld iNspire, the company’s annual conference this June 11-13 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

For more information about this news, visit www.pega.com.

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