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How Pryon’s platform propels knowledge management into modernity

Igor Jablokov, founder and CEO of Pryon, and Chris Mahl, president and COO of Pryon, gathered to discuss Pryon’s end-to-end AI platform that transforms enterprise content into knowledge for employees, partners, and customers to “Just Know Now.”

The KMWorld webinar kicked off with a remarkably relevant quote from Benjamin Franklin: “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Indeed, in the world of KM, investments in technology that streamline and unify knowledge management prove to have lasting effects on enterprise success.

In the spirit of Franklin’s words, Pryon’s goal was to transform legacy KM UX to better accommodate the needs of modern enterprises. As a result, Pryon delivered the first and only end-to-end full-stack AI platform that solves knowledge management issues from documents to finding answers. Armed with API-driven automation that eliminates consulting, Pryon’s platform integrates with existing solutions and triples employee and customer productivity/yields in weeks.

Pryon’s platform developed as a result of high-value knowledge being frozen and disparate across organizations; despite several attempts, the problem had yet to be solved. The speakers emphasized that ultimately, this phenomenon of hidden knowledge costs an organization its productivity. According to IDC, 12.5 hours are spent per week, per employee looking for answers to their problems; this is an obvious and significant drain on business value. 

When leveraging Pryon’s solution, enterprises saw 90% answer accuracy out-of-the-box, less than a second in time to answer, and 75% less cost per question than the industry benchmark.

“Pryon's AI technology addresses the critical need for organizations to translate massive volumes of legacy content into actionable knowledge,” said Sam Palmisano, former chairman and CEO of IBM and investor in Pryon.

Pryon meets customers where they are in their unique infrastructures. By leveraging your existing systems of record and existing content types, Pryon automatically transforms static content using unique NLP methods to deliver answers to any destination. The result is an improved end-user experience and a knowledge fabric that services all internal/external stakeholders.

“What the company offers is critical for organizations who deal with large amounts of application or document-based data,” said Kirsten Wolberg, former CTO of DocuSign and CIO of Salesforce, current independent board director at Pryon.

To learn more about Pryon’s platform, use cases, and value impact, you can view an archived version of the webinar here.

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