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Harte Hanks acquires InsideOut for $7.5M, improving customer experience endeavors

Harte Hanks Inc., a global customer experience company, has recently acquired InsideOut Solutions, LLC, an inside sales optimization firm, for a total of $7.5 million. The acquisition will allow Harte Hanks to incorporate inbound and outbound sales outsourcing and experimentation services for partners, ultimately diversifying the array of capabilities Harte Hank can offer its clients.

"With the acquisition of InsideOut and its inside sales capabilities, Harte Hanks is uniquely positioned to help customers drive growth by optimizing sales and marketing demand generation programs,” said Brian Linscott, CEO of Harte Hanks. “We couldn't be more pleased with this acquisition, and we are excited to welcome the talented InsideOut team to Harte Hanks. The acquisition of InsideOut will not only provide short-term revenue growth opportunities but also will be immediately accretive to HHS value. We anticipate cost synergies alone will drive the post-acquisition valuation in the 3-4x EBITDA range.”

Harte Hanks provides its clients with CX strategy, data-driven analytics, and actionable insights to promote better business outcomes. Paired with streamlined program execution, Harte Hanks drives efficiency and simplicity to better understand, attract, and retain their customers.

InsideOut has partnered with some of the leading Fortune 500 companies, including Google and IBM, to build, scale, and optimize inside sales initiatives. Represented by Novistra Capital, InsideOut’s assets were acquired by Harte Hanks for the aforementioned price of $7.5 million. The amount is to be paid with a combination of cash and shares of HHS common stock.

“Harte Hanks’ proven ability to drive marketing leads with our cross-segment marketing services and customer care team and InsideOut’s talent, processes, and experience in delivering sales-qualified leads, will drive higher value for our clients,'' explained Linscott. "InsideOut clients can now come to Harte Hanks for a broad scope of marketing, including data and analytics, customer care, fulfillment, and logistics services.”

To learn more about this acquisition, please visit https://www.hartehanks.com/ or https://insideoutlab.com/.

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