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Bensinger Technology launches virtual desktop for professional firms to manage security

Bensinger Technology, a trusted provider of advisory and managed IT services for legal and other professional services firms, is introducing its virtual desktop offering, available as part of its comprehensive managed IT service or as a stand-alone option for firms that manage their own security or applications.

Bensinger Technology’s virtual desktop offering includes the setup, security, and configuration of a complete Windows PC hosted in Microsoft’s secure cloud data center that can be accessed anywhere, anytime, from any device with an internet connection. Customers pay flat monthly pricing without the need to purchase high-end hardware for each user.

Virtual desktops provide several benefits over traditional workstations, notably greater user convenience and improved security, especially in hybrid work environments, according to the company. The security and administrative benefits of virtual desktops have long been realized by large firms that could afford the infrastructure investments previously required for their installation and maintenance.

“Multiple Bensinger customers have already upgraded to our virtual desktop solution as part of their efforts to prioritize security and simplify their IT operations,” said Bensinger Technology CEO David Bensinger. “One customer, a 30-plus-person firm was initially launched remotely, but recently upgraded the lawyers and firm staff to virtual desktops as part of a move into a new office and migration to a hybrid work environment. Most had used virtual desktops before, having come from a larger law firm to start this new firm, and were anxious to use them again. After a smooth implementation, the firm is enjoying all the benefits of virtual desktops everyone was already accustomed to.”

Virtual desktops are an easy-to-manage alternative to traditional desktops where applications and files are stored locally.

Instead, a virtual desktop is a fully functional Windows 10 or 11 PC but with everything hosted and backed up in the cloud, according to the vendor.

For more information about this news, visit www.bensingertech.com.

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