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2022 Readers' Choice Award - Best Content Management / Services: Northern Light

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Northern Light’s KM platform seamlessly integrates all of an organization’s research content

Northern Light offers AI-powered knowledge management platforms optimized for market and competitive intelligence. In this enterprise KM application, effectively managing expensive market research content from licensed third-party sources is a critical capability; an organization can’t afford to create “content silos”.

If a company licenses 20 external research sources, what is a user supposed to do? Log in 20 times to 20 websites? Know 20 usernames and passwords? Master 20 sets of search conventions? Manually compare 20 search result pages?

If this is your strategy, odds are it won’t work. Few users know subscription research login credentials, which completely frustrates a “send them to the publishers’ websites” research strategy. That’s why an effective knowledge management system for market and competitive intelligence must have a mechanism to absorb and present third-party research content.

Northern Light has agreements with many of the world’s leading technology and industry research content providers. The research firms simultaneously publish content to their own repositories as well as Northern Light’s; we then index the full text—every word on every page—and apply sophisticated text analytics throughout the document. Doing this uniformly across all sources produces an integrated index that behaves the same way across all sources in terms of search syntax and relevance ranking.

Thanks to Northern Light’s unique partnerships with research publishers, users of our SinglePointTM portals can easily access and analyze all their relevant licensed content, along with their organization’s internally generated content, in a single search. The result: farewell, content silos!

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