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David Seuss

CEO, Northern Light

Articles by David Seuss

Three Keys to Generative AI in KM for Enterprise Business Research - Northern Light

Organizations can't just drop ChatGPT into an enterprise KM system. In fact, there are several keys to effectively implementing generative AI in an enterprise application for business research.

AI 100 Trailblazer: Northern Light - Northern Light SinglePoint uses AI to accelerate researchers’ time-to-insight

SinglePoint™ contains several innovative applications of artificial intelligence to accelerate time-to-insight for business researchers. The latest is a generative AI-based "question answering" capability built on top of OpenAI's or Microsoft's GPT-3.5 Turbo large language model.

2022 Readers' Choice Award - Best Content Management / Services: Northern Light

Thanks to Northern Light's unique partnerships with research publishers, users of our SinglePointTM portals can easily access and analyze all their relevant licensed content, along with their organization's internally generated content, in a single search. The result: farewell, content silos!

AI 50 Trailblazer: Northern Light - Northern Light SinglePoint™ uses AI to accelerate researchers’ time-to-insight

SinglePoint learns what a user is interested in based on what they download. SinglePoint's machine learning algorithms then build a semantic model of the user and compare it to the semantic models of each document that are added to the research collection. Based on this comparison, SinglePoint recommends content to the user.

AI 50 Trailblazer: Northern Light - AI Features Accelerate “Time to Insight” for Users of SinglePoint Strategic Research Portals

SinglePoint enables auto-summarization of search results and learns what a user is interested in based on what they download. By building a semantic model of each document, SinglePoint automatically finds additional content for the user that will address the same topics.

Making Better Business Decisions with Machine Learning Algorithms

2020 Readers Choice Award - Best Content Management/Services: Northern Light SinglePoint

Market and competitive intelligence applications require large collections of relevant research to serve as a foundation for generating competitive and customer insights. For almost two decades Northern Light has delivered enterprise content aggregation for market intelligence.