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Opal closes on $10 million in recent funding round

Opal announced the company has closed a $10 million Series A funding round, enabling the company to invest in keeping workflows secure. The financing round was led by Greylock.

Opal’s platform enables enterprises to manage employee access scalably with a focus on reducing the amount of access granted. By decentralizing access management away from bottlenecked teams like Security and IT, Opal empowers organizations to grant access more selectively, which lessens their attack surface and compliance burden.

Companies using Opal can process requests faster with a decentralized model that shifts ownership away from only one or two teams.

Opal’s focus on integrations allows employees to request granular access including databases, Salesforce roles, GitHub repos, Okta groups, and more.

Opal also offers workflows for conducting company-wide access reviews to make it easier to meet compliance standards and keep access footprint down.

“Every security and engineering leader we speak to wants to move towards least privilege, but is unable to with current offerings”, said Saam Motamedi, general partner at Greylock. “Opal’s approach is a new way of thinking about access management at scale. Its innovative approach balances usability with least privilege—empowering both end users and admins. We believe Opal will be an emerging leader in an important and large category.”

Currently, Opal is the access management tool of leading technology companies across a range of industries including Databricks, Blend, and Marqeta.

Started in 2020, Opal was founded based on the leadership team’s firsthand experience with access management challenges at companies like Dropbox and Collective Health.

For more information about this news, visit www.opal.dev.

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