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At KMWorld Connect 2021 Olivier Woeffray explained how the World Economic Forum launched its strategic knowledge journey

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Tuesday’s Keynote at KMWorld Connect 2021 kicked off with Olivier Woeffray, practice lead, strategic intelligence, World Economic Forum.

He covered how a combination of machine learning, human networks, and dynamic visual frameworks enabled the World Economic Forum to support its key stakeholders and the wider public in making sense of an increasingly complex global environment, during his presentation, “Impacting the Future: Strategic Knowledge Journey.”

The World Economic Forum brings key stakeholders from cross sectors together to shape global issues the world is facing, Woeffray explained.

“A big part of our approach is to bring people together to make sense of complex issues as well as to drive collective action,” Woeffray said.

Several examples of work emerging from this organization include benchmarking such as rankings of different organizations for a variety of countries, toolkits for informing organizations on different topics, policy pilots and frameworks, and coalitions.

“We are privileged to engage with a wide variety of experts and leaders with different perspectives,” Woeffray said.

The World Economic Forum wanted to streamline these different perspectives and massive amounts of information into a platform that is enhanced with machine intelligence. Then that data can be transferred into a transformation map.

“This can help us break down complex issues into its main component,” Woeffray said. “It’s important to enable the user to scan links related to this topic area. The objective is to help organizations to understand complex issues and increase the awareness of issues and make sure they don’t have any blind spots around this.

He mentioned an example of how the issue of single used plastic and subsequent ocean’s plastic problem ended up significantly constraining the growth predictions for petrochemicals.

“The way we operate as an institutions is different now,” Woeffray said. “We’ve been able to scale engagement and deepen the impact. This work on knowledge put us in a good place to tackle engagement from a digital perspective.”

KMWorld Connect 2021 is going on this week, November 15 -18, with workshops on Friday, November 19. On-demand replays of sessions will be available for a limited time to registered attendees and many presenters are also making their slide decks available through the conference portal. For more information, go to www.kmworld.com/conference/2021.  

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