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Metazoa provides impact analysis reporting in latest update for Snapshot

Metazoa, developers of the Salesforce ecosystem’s top software toolset for org management, is enhancing Metazoa Snapshot with impact analysis reporting capabilities, providing Salesforce customers with critical insights into the metadata asset connections within their orgs. The insights can then be used to interactively browse through metadata dependencies, analyze the impact of planned changes, and create entity relationship diagrams for engineering, compliance, or presentation, according to the vendor.

For a limited time, Metazoa is offering the Metazoa Snapshot Impact Analysis Report feature for free on the Salesforce AppExchange.

“Whenever a Salesforce customer makes changes to an org unforeseen disruption can occur because of the way metadata assets are linked,” said Metazoa CEO Jennifer Mercer. “There are hundreds of metadata types within a Salesforce org and over a thousand different potential relationships between them. Our impact analysis report helps Salesforce customers see the metadata asset connections before changes are made, which can save them from costly mistakes.”

Metazoa Snapshot is a comprehensive toolset for Salesforce org management, optimization, and technical debt removal. Snapshot’s impact analysis report gives Salesforce customers an edge by providing a high-level view of how the metadata assets in their orgs are connected.

Users can select an asset that is going to be changed or deleted and see in real-time the other assets that it depends on, and how they will be affected.

Snapshot’s impact analysis report works with all 250 different metadata types and is aware of over 1200 different relationships, which is by far the most comprehensive coverage of any impact analysis report on the market.

Key impact analysis report features include:

  • Metadata Asset Selection
  • Filter Types
  • View Dependency
  • Display Report

“If a Salesforce customer is wondering how any part of their org is structured, they can use the Snapshot impact analysis report to interactively explore the various relationships involved,” said Tom Appleton, Metazoa VP of sales. “If a Salesforce customer is planning on changing or deleting any asset they can now see the impacts involved. This is extremely useful when it comes to figuring out difficult deployment scenarios.”

For more information about this news, visit www.metazoa.com.

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