Third Iron gives access to LibKey integration with eReserve Plus

Third Iron, LLC, a leading information technology company developing innovative services for libraries, is providing the integration of LibKey for libraries subscribing to eReserve Plus.

"We are very excited at how the integration with LibKey offers eReserve Plus customers and their patrons the opportunity to explore resources more thoroughly and to customize and configure their LibKey presentation to best suit the practices at their institution," said Karey Patterson CEO at eReserve.

LibKey, an AI-based, next generation linking technology, delivers fast, reliable, one-click access to millions of library-subscribed and Open Access  articles that libraries make available from publisher and aggregator sources. 

eReserve Plus is a leading digital resource distribution platform used by libraries globally that enables easy creation of reading lists for sharing of articles that libraries make available from publisher and aggregator sources.  content in a copyright-compliant way.

"eReserve Plus delivers a fantastic service that enables smooth workflow between students, faculty, and librarians.  We are excited to help students and faculty benefit from it even more with LibKey integration. LibKey is our next generation, AI-based linking technology that provides immediate, reliable, one-click access to PDF and HTML article content," said Kendall Bartsch, CEO at Third Iron. 

Libraries interested in integrating LibKey with eReserve Plus may request an API key from Third Iron by emailing support@thirdiron.com.

For more information about this news, visit https://thirdiron.com.

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