Quantifying KM with Data-to-Learning-to-Action (DLA)

Video produced by Steve Nathans-Kelly

Steven Flinn, CEO, ManyWorlds, and author of "Optimizing Data-to-Learning-to-Action," described how Data-to-Learning-to-Action (DLA) enabled value-driven conversations among KM, peer organizations, and stakeholders during his presentation at KMWorld Connect 2020.

The value of KM is always twofold, he explained. There's the enhanced productivity part or better efficiency, and better decisions. 

"And that's going to apply beyond KM just about anything you can think of," Flinn said. "And frankly, DLA is really the only way to credibly quantify both values."

DLA processes address decision effectiveness, he said.

"Very few organizations have these decision professionals that I mentioned, but even if you do, they're almost always, totally focused on very big one-off kind of decisions, right? Things like acquisitions. They're not focused on the infrastructure for making better decisions on an ongoing basis," he said."To improve DLA processes, you've really got to have one foot in technology and another foot in sort of the behavioral, cognitive science people aspects as well. Uh, and really KM is one of the very few organizations I can think of that has straddles those two areas."

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