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Zoho launches “Qntrl”

Zoho Corp., the parent company of technology brands such as ManageEngine, WebNMS, and Zoho.com, has launched a new business division, Qntrl (pronounced "control"). As a separate brand, Qntrl aims to deliver workflow solutions that address the widening gap in process management for modern, complex workflows that require tight alignment between multiple stakeholders. Previously in beta, Qntrl becomes generally available now.

As a business division of Zoho, the company says, Qntrl integrates with products from sister divisions such as Zoho.com and ManageEngine. Qntrl is launching to focus exclusively on delivering a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use workflow orchestration software that also integrates with technology from other vendors.

With Qntrl, the company says, department and process managers—also called orchestrators—gain more visibility, control, and automation over their workflows, making it easier for them to collaborate across stakeholders and departments. Qntrl empowers orchestrators with tighter alignment for non-linear modern workflows, so tandem efforts can be managed with clarity.

"Managers need increased visibility into their department's operations to ensure things are running the way they designed them to. Qntrl allows Orchestrators to customize workflows at scale in a more intuitive way, without sacrificing the ability to manage complex scenarios," said Rodrigo Vaca, Qntrl's chief marketing orchestrator. "Qntrl was built to make this process simpler and smoother, addressing the specific challenges and needs of both business and IT, and helping to achieve their objectives with confidence and certainty. Orchestrators are empowered for lock-step collaboration among stakeholders, minimizing the typical frustrations and redundancies of process management so that teams can focus on delivering high-quality work."

For more information, visit www.qntrl.com.

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