Chargify unveils Stream by Chargify platform

Chargify, a billing platform for B2B SaaS, is releasing Stream, a new platform powering the next generation of Chargify’s billing and subscription management solutions.

With Stream by Chargify, the data analytics and event streaming capabilities of the Chargify-owned Keen.io software have been further embedded into Chargify’s platform, providing users with real-time, data-driven billing and analytics solutions.

Chargify’s acquisition of Keen.io in March 2020 provided Chargify the technology to bring innovation back to the industry with the release of its Events-Based Billing solution, a product for billing and subscriptions designed specifically for the B2B SaaS market. Keen.io’s robust event streaming and data-analytics software is central to the Stream by Chargify platform.

Since its acquisition of Keen.io, Chargify has invested in several new and upgraded features to the platform, such as a revamped Data Visualization Library, a redesigned data explorer, and the transition to an open system.

Keen.io will continue to remain a powerful tool for developers, in addition to enabling Chargify to utilize its technology to develop enhanced billing solutions and tools, such as Stream by Chargify.

“For a decade Chargify has led the way on providing complex billing solutions and these innovations are an extension of that underlying foundation,” said Paul Lynch, CEO of Chargify. “Let’s be honest with ourselves. There has been an egregious lack of innovation in the billing and subscription management industry, which has left it ripe to be disrupted. The suite of services provided by Stream by Chargify puts us in a prime position to be that disrupter.”

Stream by Chargify is now the foundation for Chargify’s groundbreaking Events-Based Billing functionality.

This offering made multi-dimensional, pay-as-you-go billing functionality readily available and democratized it away from only being available to industry titans.

Events-Based Billing allows Chargify users to link the value they provide to the invoices they send out by leveraging the massive amounts of data they already gather.

Feeding this data into Chargify, in real time, provides Chargify users the power to bill on any aspect of that event, such as time spent on a website or number of emails sent.

With Events-Based Billing, Chargify clients are empowered to offer value-based pricing and charge their customers for exactly what they use without the need for a custom, expensive infrastructure.

Stream by Chargify will also be at the heart of Chargify’s future business analytics solution currently scheduled to be released in Q2 of 2021.

It will provide a central source for Chargify users to access their billing and revenue management data, as well as the ability to connect outside data from any source for further analysis.

Users will also be able to create fully customizable metrics, dashboards, and CSV exports that will help them uncover actionable insights and respond to business challenges faster.

For more information about this release, visit www.chargify.com.

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