Navjoy introduces a cloud-based platform for the transportation industry

Navjoy Inc., a Colorado-based technology company, is launching a comprehensive, cloud-based transportation collaboration platform, dubbed NueGOV.

The NueGOV transportation collaboration platform streamlines several agency processes from asset management and data collection to work zone tracking and inter-agency communication, all while combining transportation-specific data into one secure, convenient location.

More specifically, it offers a few distinguishing features designed to innovate the industry:

  • Asset lifecycle planning: Visualize which assets need to be replaced based on age or condition each year.
  • Budget forecasting: Illuminates planned costs to replace all necessary assets each year and provides comparison to determine the most cost-effective replacement option.
  • Open API integrations: Allows data exchange with several Internet of Things (IoT) and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) vendors and devices such as Bosch cameras and iCone.
  • Real-time work zone information – Track and coordinate closure information across jurisdictional boundaries to inform the travelling public and other stakeholders.
  • Traffic incident management – Organizational collaboration of teams, assets, meetings, training and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Automated project requests, responses, and documentation: A digitized request system allows construction project needs and requests to go through proper, digital channels so processes are consistent, simplified, and automatically documented.

The company collaborated with several state a local transportation agencies and ITS vendors to fine tune these functions and ensure NueGOV has highly sought-after features designed to fit the needs of today's forward-thinking transportation professionals.

"The NueGOV platform will help Navjoy transform the transportation industry into a collaborative, innovative, and streamlined space that not only satisfies, but surpasses, the expectations and safety needs of today's travelers," Navjoy founder and CEO Navin Nageli said. "It's time to trust our data and work with real-time actionable information to solve not just today's problems, but tomorrow's, too."

For more information about this news, visit www.navjoyinc.com.

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