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Empower with Knowledge Anywhere, Anytime and on any Interface

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How to Thrive in 2021: Empower your Agents and Employees with Knowledge Anywhere, Anytime and on any Interface

2020 was for many enterprises a time of unique challenges. At KMS Lighthouse we believe that a knowledge management solution like Lighthouse is an essential part of thriving in the new normal. It delivers real value to businesses in three important ways:

• Boosts team productivity

• Reduces costs

• Promotes speed to knowledge by delivering immediate answers to employees and customers

Our mission is to improve organizations’ engagements across all service and sales channels. Lighthouse empowers customers, employees and agents with real-time access to accurate and consistent knowledge thus enhancing the customer and employee experience.

As a result of 2020 and the #newnormal, many industry experts predict that the hybrid work trend will become the norm in the coming years. How will this affect the company’s operations as you move forward towards 2021?

Similar to companies like WIX and FIVER that grew quickly during this period, we also experienced a very large demand for our platform. Working from home increases the need for a knowledge management system since the employee is more disconnected from his team. Our system allows organizations to continue to recruit, shorten training time and give employees an advanced interface to ask any question in the system and receive instant and accurate answers. In addition, companies are able to keep providing great customer service and keep providing their customers with a seamless customer experience. It is a knowledge-based revolution.

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