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2020 Readers Choice Award - Best Content Management/Services: Northern Light SinglePoint

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Northern Light created SinglePoint™ to deliver on the promise of research-driven competitive advantage by making information easy to find and use. SinglePoint is a custom-built enterprise knowledge management platform that seamlessly integrates and enables full-text search of all of an organization’s research resources to create an invaluable market research/competitive intelligence portal.

Market and competitive intelligence applications require large collections of relevant research to serve as a foundation for generating competitive and customer insights. For almost two decades Northern Light has delivered enterprise content aggregation for market intelligence. SinglePoint clients can pick from many content options—primary and licensed secondary market research, business news, conference abstracts, government and industry-specific databases, to name a few—to populate a market research or competitive intelligence portal with content of extraordinary breadth and value.

Northern Light applies powerful AI-driven machine learning capabilities to SinglePoint strategic research portals in several valuable and creative ways. Using Google’s TensorFlow library of machine learning algorithms, SinglePoint can automatically synthesize, refine, and present critical information distilled from large collections of market intelligence content within a SinglePoint knowledge management portal, changing the search process profoundly.

As one industry analyst succinctly put it in his review of SinglePoint, “This is the future of search.”

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