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NetDocuments unveils NetKnowledge enterprise search powered by BA Insight

NetDocuments, provider of a secure multi-tenant cloud-based content services and productivity platform for law firms, corporate legal teams, and compliance departments, has introduced NetKnowledge powered by BA Insight.

The result of a collaborative partnership between NetDocuments and BA Insight, NetKnowledge makes all content stored in NetDocuments part of a customer’s enterprise search so users can get the data they need in one search, instead of spending time looking in multiple places.

According to the companies, the partnership creates a best-of-both-worlds scenario, federated for DMS and creating a single index for other items. NetKnowledge connects enterprise search capabilities to the NetDocuments search APIs, eliminating the need to maintain a document index outside of the document management system.

“Our strategic partnership with NetDocuments and introduction of NetKnowledge is a market changing event.  I am proud of how our two organizations worked together on the development of a ‘first of its kind’ enterprise search solution that provides customers with the flexibility to implement federated search at index/query time or a hybrid implementation combining the two to provide an extraordinary, internet-like user experience,” said Massood Zarrabian, CEO at BA Insight.

According to the vendors, NetKnowledge powered by BA Insight delivers the following benefits:

Eliminates Downloading and Indexing Data for Search: No longer does content within NetDocuments need to be downloaded and indexed to be part of an organization’s enterprise search. Simply search within the NetDocuments platform, and NetKnowledge will find relevant data—along with information from other sources—and present it to users.

Enforces Access Controls on Sensitive Information: Sensitive information may need to be restricted to certain individuals, but that data also needs to be available to others via enterprise search. NetKnowledge respects data restriction policies at the source and will only present data to individuals with proper access rights.

Manages Large and Disparate Datasets Across the Organization: NetKnowledge helps organizations bring all its data together to form a single source of truth, so users do not have to perform multiple searches in different places to get the information they need.

“The amount of data within organizations is increasing, as well as the number of data sources," said Reza Parsia, NetDocuments’ vice president, strategic partner management. "With so much information, finding the necessary files can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. Enterprise search now delivered by NetKnowledge addresses these concerns.”

The combined solution increases user productivity and efficiency by bringing enterprise search to where users work, taking advantage of BA Insight’s in-app integration that provides access to information from over 70 enterprise systems—all from directly within NetDocuments.

 For more information, go to www.bainsight.com and www.netdocuments.com

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