Aircall releases new hub of developer tools  

Aircall is launching two brand new developer resources, which are designed to promote innovation on top of Aircall’s voice-platform using newly revamped public API.

The resources include:

  • A developer-dedicated website that helps developers leverage the power and building blocks available through Aircall’s API
  • An “innovation” branch of the product: Aircall Labs. This revolutionary concept embraces the developer spirit by offering free, experimental apps to active Aircall customers.

Through its simple and flexible public API and frameworks, programmers can develop integrations that significantly enhance the performance and capabilities of support agents and sales professionals, ultimately allowing for enriched customer experiences.

Aircall provides a solid voice-foundation for other business productivity tools to build with to meet their individual needs and maximize the value they experience.

“As we’ve seen with our CRM and Helpdesk integrations, business tools are much more effective when integrated with other cloud-based apps, and create a more productive way to communicate. Through our Public API, we’re eager to easily facilitate more integrations that are going to impact the bottom lines for our partners and improve the experience for their customers,” said Xavier Durand, Aircall’s tech co-founder and developer advocate

The new set of resources will serve as a hub for partners and developers looking for complete API documentation, content, and tutorials that make it simple to build the best tools their your needs, plus instructions on how to release completed projects on the Aircall Marketplace.

In addition to the more than 80 partnerships that are already seeing value from integrations built on Aircall’s Public API, Aircall Labs is an initiative to develop fun and delightful “experience apps.”

A weather app—that lets users know the current weather of the location on the other end of the phone—will be the first app in Aircall Labs.

Its code will be open-sourced, showing developers how to build apps on top of Aircall,  from concept to completion.

The goal is to provide a risk free setting for developers to build cool projects on top of Aircall’s voice platform, but also show the developer-community how simple and easy to navigate the Aircall API really is.

For more information about this news, visit https://aircall.io/.

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