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iManage delivers AI and Knowledge Management with Knowledge Unlocked solution

iManage, a provider of software for legal, accounting, and financial services, has announced the availability of iManage RAVN Knowledge Unlocked.

With Knowledge Unlocked, iManage says it is productizing knowledge management and RAVN AI, making them accessible to a broader market through packaged solutions that are easy to deploy and use, cost-effective, and tightly integrated with its document and email management product, iManage Work 10.

Importantly, iManage notes, it is enabling law firms, legal departments, and professional services organizations to tap into the power of AI with Work 10 plug-ins that minimize the need for dedicated knowledge management staff, AI expertise, or outside services.

As a solution that is IT-implemented and user-driven, iManage says, Knowledge Unlocked enables knowledge workers to capture and reuse important data locked in data repositories, mine best practices, and identify knowledge and experts across their organizations to get to the information they need, when they need it—saving time and money.

“With Knowledge Unlocked, we're making AI technology consumable by new audiences with tangible solutions they can easily implement today,” said Dan Carmel, chief marketing officer, iManage. “We're democratizing the use of AI so it's no longer the exclusive domain of large organizations that can leverage large budgets and outside professional services engagements. Any organization that wants to can take advantage of this.”

The Knowledge Unlocked solution extends the document retrieval-oriented search of Work 10 to knowledge search that enables organizations to surface relevant matters, clauses, people or expertise that could be of value to the user.

Knowledge Unlocked is available in the following three editions:

  • Knowledge Unlocked Essentials is the fastest and easiest way to get started. Simply add it on to iManage Work and immediately create value for end users by adding powerful knowledge search features along with the power to find experts, similar matters, and relevant clauses, or deal documents held within Work10. This edition also enables clients to configure Work 10 to manage simple knowledge management submission and curation processes out of the box.
  • Knowledge Unlocked Professional enhances the breadth and depth of the search results by extending knowledge and knowledge search to the most commonly requested additional document repositories, such as Microsoft SharePoint or file shares, business intelligence data sources, such as Elite, and third-party datasets such as Practical Law.
  • Knowledge Unlocked Enterprise is designed for clients with mature knowledge management processes who want to add custom search features or custom submission and curation workflow and also seek to integrate RAVN document review capabilities, in order to automate and reduce the cost of knowledge content curation from internally produced content.

Organizations that start with the Essentials edition and want to go deeper with KM and AI can upgrade to the Professional or Enterprise editions.

For more information, go to https://imanage.com.

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