MetaCX introduces collaborative B2B customer lifecycle solution

MetaCX, a provider of a new outcomes-based approach for managing the customer lifecycle, is launching the MetaCX platform, a collaborative B2B customer lifecycle solution that ensures transparent, value-based alignment between suppliers and buyers.

"The subscription economy was an important first step toward aligning suppliers and buyers, but true alignment only comes with clear, unmistakable proof of value, which has been elusive until now," said Scott McCorkle, founder and CEO of MetaCX. "MetaCX is proud to be an innovator in the next phase of this evolution - from relationships based on subscriptions to relationships based on performance that both suppliers and buyers can see."

MetaCX transforms how suppliers and buyers collaborate and win together. By creating shared spaces that allow suppliers and buyers to define and measure target outcomes, MetaCX helps align sales, success, and delivery teams around measurable value.

The result is better trust and transparency, which translates into higher win rates, larger deals, and longer, more profitable customer relationships.

MetaCX is a collaborative platform that manages every stage of the revenue cycle:

  • Deal management: Sales representatives can use MetaCX to create co-branded shared spaces to collaborate with their prospects, create mutual success plans based on target outcomes, and build structure around sales cycles to improve close rates by 25% or more.
  • Coordinated handoffs: Sales representatives can then use MetaCX to transition the post-sale relationship to onboarding, implementation and success teams to align around the promised customer outcomes, secure quick wins, and accelerate time to value for new customers.
  • Proof of performance: After successfully onboarding new customers, success teams can use MetaCX to improve quarterly business review (QBR) and renewal discussions with live product and performance data that demonstrates how the use of the product or service is delivering value and demonstrating progress toward outcome achievement.
  • Revenue cycle optimization: Revenue operations (RevOps) teams can use MetaCX to operationalize value-selling methodologies, improve forecasting and predictability with engagement metrics that signal buyer intent and readiness, and increase sales effectiveness by creating a shared catalog of proven customer outcomes.

MetaCX is built on event-based architecture that's designed for speed, scale, and performance. The platform is based on a complex event processing engine called CXReactor and a data integration layer that allows organizations to instrument data from virtually any endpoint, including product analytics tools like Pendo and Mixpanel, CRM platforms like Salesforce and HubSpot, and data pipelines including Segment and Snowflake.

MetaCX organizes all of this data around the specific business outcomes that customers seek to achieve, providing a real-time view into actual SaaS business impact. This helps create the transparency and trust necessary for lasting supplier/buyer relationships.

For more information about MetaCX , visit https://metacx.com.

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