Accenture's Paul Nelson highlights how companies can transform CX

The importance of customer experience can't be overstated. It's where customer touchpoints meet company operations. And it's getting more complex as the number of touchpoints increase, given our omnichannel world.

Smarter content helps maximize the customer experience. KMWorld recently held a webinar with Paul Nelson, innovation lead, Accenture, who explained how organizations can leverage NLP and neural net technologies to create an improved Intelligent FAQ Management solution.

Many industries are seeing their live support resources overtaxed by COVID-19 so an effective support portal is more important than ever, according to Nelson.

Increasingly, enterprises are finding that simple FAQ pages are not enough. The future is intelligent FAQ management, driven by machine learning and neural nets.

The use of neural networks allows companies to:

  • Automatically categorize questions
  • Automatically look up answers for questions asked previously
  • Filter out negative and insulting responses from the public
  • Identify when chatbot session is appropriate (and which chatbot)
  • Automatically identify potential answers from public sources

Accenture offers a scalable intelligent FAQ management with its search and content analytics suite, Nelson said.

The platform also offers semantic search for e-commerce that can route the customer’s requests to get the best answer.

The platform can integrate with business systems to receive new content automatically, authentication and authorization through Google. Neural Networks can fine-tune customer content, automated question categorization (with higher accuracy), and similar question handling, automating routing of content to experts.

Accenture can then identify opportunities for chatbot integration and create new strike teams to handle different actions, according to Nelson.

An archived on-demand replay of this webinar is available here.

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