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ABBYY releases FineReader Server 14.2

ABBYY has unveiled a new version of FineReader Server to streamline document workflows and free organizations from having to expend significant time, operational resources, costs, or personnel resources on high-volume document processes.

According to ABBYY, for many organizations, the pandemic has introduced high volumes of critical customer documents. Banks and other financial institutions are navigating the challenge of processing large volumes of loan applications and forgiveness documents. Government agencies are seeing record high rates of unemployment applications. Insurance organizations are faced with high volumes of claim submissions. For many organizations, especially those operating in highly regulated industries, ensuring every workflow maintains compliance is imperative. Reliable and accurate document processes are a must. Document processing tools that enhance compliance by supporting long-term document retention, organization, digitization, and accessibility are essential for today’s workforce.

Addressing these changing requirements, a new release of ABBYY FineReader Server makes critical document processes much more streamlined, efficient, and accurate. ABBYY’s FineReader Server 14.2 automatically converts large-scale collections of documents into accessible and searchable digital repositories, enabling seamless enterprise-wide document processes.  

The new release of FineReader Server offers teams a new dedicated webpage for OCR and file conversion which enables employees to convert documents whenever they need to. The webpage is specific to each organization and enables teams, departments or entire organizations to leverage the solution’s capabilities in one centralized location. With the new functionality in the release, employees can open the dedicated webpage and perform file conversions directly from their browser without having to search for, find and access Shared Network Folders. The feature empowers employees to easily complete recurring high-volume document conversion tasks simply with a web browser.

The release offers digital signature support allowing users to sign batch documents automatically, and, with an enhanced PDF compression feature, it is now easier to share and email documents.

By accurately processing and digitizing large volumes of documents, ABBYY says, FineReader Server can help support organizations in meeting record-keeping and other important compliance requirements, which is a particular concern for government agencies that need to maintain detailed records of constituent data, insurance companies navigating large volumes of claim document submissions, legal departments and law firms processing large volumes of contracts, case notes and discovery documents, and other entities operating in highly regulated environments in which maintaining accurate and accessible records are a must.

In addition, an enhanced REST API enables easier integration with other systems, supporting connected and fully integrated workflows with other vital enterprise platforms, while a new feature identifies duplicates and processes them accordingly, helping to make documents easier to find in enterprise document management platforms. 

ABBYY FineReader 14.2 automatically digitizes high volumes of documents, helping organizations resolve claims more quickly, process applications more seamlessly, and streamline mission-critical operations involving important data.

Additional information is available at www.abbyy.com/en-us/finereader-server.


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