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FloQast helps finance teams shift to remote working environments

FloQast, a provider of close management software created by accountants for accountants, is minimizing the disruption of COVID-19 by seamlessly helping accounting and finance teams that have move to 100% remote work.

FloQast’s collaborate-anywhere capabilities are ensuring continued business continuity despite the busy period which requires many accounting teams to conduct month-end and quarterly closes, complete their annual audit, and prepare financial statements for board meetings.

While organizations and employees have access to video conferencing and team messaging apps for communication and collaboration for dispersed coworkers, these tools simply help complete a process remotely the same way it is done in the office.

Close management software helps accounting teams streamline the business process, whether in the office or remote, to improve overall collaboration and efficiency, resulting in faster and more accurate closes.

Key capabilities of FloQast’s software include:

  • Architected for virtual collaboration
  • Seamless team communication
  • Shared visibility

“FloQast’s focus as a company, especially during these challenging times, is to be the best possible partner to our customers to ensure business continuity,” said Mike Whitmire, CPA, co-founder and CEO of FloQast. “It has been extremely gratifying that a vast majority of our users have moved completely to remote work faster than anyone thought was possible, and they did it all without dropping the ball on closing their monthly and quarterly books.”

For more information about this news, visit www.floqast.com.

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