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City of Burbank heightens address accuracy with Melissa data quality tools

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The City of Burbank has deployed Melissa’s Master Address Table (MAT) tool to boost the accuracy of its address data to better connect with citizens, administer permits, and verify addresses for projects throughout its many departments.

Melissa is a provider of global address, name, email, phone, and identity verification solutions.

“Melissa’s address formatting was in line with our existing data and GIS location accuracy matched 99.9% of the time, far better than competitive solutions compared in testing,” according to Mike Carson, geographic information system (GIS) manager at the City of Burbank. “Melissa’s Address Keys (MAKs) were precisely located on top of buildings while alternatives wouldn’t land on the building or even register the correct street.”

Missing unit numbers for apartment buildings, P.O. boxes versus a physical address, and other factors contributed to Burbank’s address data accuracy problem. Inaccuracy could contribute to permit notification issues, delays in delivery of emergency services, and difficulties surrounding 2020 Census data gathering which could ultimately affect the amount of federal funding the city receives. With better address data, the city added more than 300 missing addresses to the Census file provided by the federal government.

By deploying Melissa’s Master Address Table (MAT) solution, the city now manages and maintains a complete, accurate master address file. MAT consolidates location information and provides true address details on all residences, businesses, apartments, suites, and PO Boxes, with geo-coordinates and demographics. To improve its geocode data—which coded addresses to a street center line versus directly on top of a building—city personnel integrated MAT data into their current system.

“Local governments and municipalities serve their citizens in a number of ways and many of the services they provide require accurate address data,” said Bud Walker, vice president, enterprise sales and strategy, Melissa. “To ensure residents and businesses receive the services they expect and deserve, the City of Burbank has invested in Melissa MAT address data to improve its ability to notify the public, respond in emergency situations, and even take advantage of federal funding.”

For more information, go to www.melissa.com and www.burbankca.gov.

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