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X1 extends strategic partnership with Relativity

X1, a provider of data discovery and compliance software, has announced the addition of the X1 Social Discovery technology into the RelativityOne and Relativity server platforms.

X1 supports electronically stored information (ESI) collection from custodial data sources such as laptops and desktops and social media evidence directly into Relativity and RelativityOne.

RelativityOne is a SaaS platform incorporating advanced analytics, machine learning, and visualization technology used by its law firm, corporate and consulting partners, while Relativity Server is on-prem software.

The latest integration of X1 supports pre-collection sampling and analysis, more surgical collections—including full native and text and metadata—and collection processes directly into the leading e-discovery platform. This announcement comes 3 months after X1's recent announcement of an initial integration of the X1 Distributed Discovery platform into Relativity via the Relativity Collect interface.

X1 provides an integrated and streamlined ESI collection capability for all Relativity users, 75% of which are Fortune 500 companies.

For social media and web-based evidence, X1's Social Discovery displays collected data natively in Relativity. This enables social media and website content, including complex evidence like photos, videos, comments, "likes," emojis, and linked content, to be displayed and reviewed in Relativity in its rich, native format. X1 delivered this in response to strong demand from the hundreds of organizations that rely on both Relativity and X1 Social Discovery for their daily e-discovery needs.

"This strategic partnership with Relativity represents another significant step in offering customers a one-stop-shop for all eDiscovery needs," said Craig Carpenter, CEO of X1, adding that the flexibility of X1 technology—especially when integrated with market-leading platforms like Relativity—will enable a comprehensive data discovery and compliance experience.

For more information, go to www.x1.com and www.relativity.com.

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