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The efficacy of digital transformation spending is under scrutiny now more than ever. At the same time, executives know that automation and their digital workforces are critical levers to achieve top-line growth.

KMWorld recently held a webinar featuring Greg Council, vice president of marketing and product management, and Bill Johnson, vice president of global sales, Parascript, and Jeff Sandler, marketing manager, Epson. They discussed how enterprises are approaching their digital transformation projects and the prioritization, selection, use, and location of technologies to support these projects, including where cognitive automation fits within these plans.

According to “Enterprise Digital Transformation Survey Results: Key Priorities, Readiness & Technologies Considered,” sponsored by Parascript and Epson, the hardest part of digital transformation is organizational, not technical. In addition, the survey found that outsourcing is being rethought, the front office is taking center stage in digital transformation, most efforts have a top-down plan, and the removal of paper is being approached carefully and precisely in organizations.

High on the list of companies’ priority areas for digital transformation are data analytics, content management, information data management, and governance.

However, change management is seen as the number-one obstacle to the success of digital transformation projects, according to Council and Johnson.

A list of archived webcasts and upcoming web events is available at www.kmworld.com/Webinars.

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