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Tom Reamy offers quick-start on text analytics

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The KAPS Group, a network of consultants and software partners, is offering a mini-strategy and mini-POC that are designed to help organizations get started in text analytics or move their current text analytics initiatives to the next level.  The KAPS Group specializes in adding structure to unstructured text, and turning unstructured text from a problem to a resource.

"Companies in all industry sectors can benefit from text analytics. The reality is that everybody has unstructured text but they are not getting much value out of it," said text analytics expert Tom Reamy, who is the chief knowledge architect at KAPS Group, LLC,  and author of "Deep Text: Using Text Analytics to Conquer Information Overload, Get Real Value from Social Media, and Add Bigger Text to Big Data." 

The primary focus of the KAPS Group is text analytics consulting and development, along with taxonomy consulting and development. Clients include the World Bank, IFC, GAO, Novartis, Northwestern Mutual, the U.S. Dept. of Transportation. With the new products, the whole idea is to not look at all the different aspects of text analytics but instead to provide an easily understandable description of how text analytics would work in a specific  organization, said Reamy.

Developed by Reamy, in conjunction with the KAPS Group's partnering text analytics vendors, the mini-POC is designed to demonstrate the value of text analytics and, at the same time, provide a first step toward building a text analytics capability, according to Reamy. The mini-POC builds a demo using an organization's own content and the KAPS Group's expertise and software, and is meant to provide the beginning of an application.

The second product, the mini-strategy, is designed to help organizations create a strategic foundation for building an enterprise text analytics capability quickly. The approach is based on a deep understanding what text analytics can do, and an enterprise model of how text analytics fits within an organization's information environment. It is aimed at "shrinking down" the complexity of doing text analytics, said Reamy.  "Unstructured content is so much more complex than structured content. People are doing much more with structured content in part because it is easier."

Text analytics can deliver value directly as well as in multiple areas of an organization, said Reamy, who explained there are two main capabilities: auto-categorization, which includes sentiment analytics (rather than subject matter), and entity extraction, particularly fact extraction, which can be incorporated into other applications. In addition, AI is beginning to be used more in text analytics, said Reamy.

For more information, go to www.kapsgroup.com/quickstart.shtml.

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