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Hilton explores workforce feedback using flexible and user-friendly platform

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Hilton, a global hospitality company with more than 408,000 team members in 113 countries and territories, is using Luminoso Daylight Express, a text analytics application, to better understand employee perspectives.

Hilton was recently recognized as #1 on Fortune’s list of the Best Companies to Work For in the U.S. and #2 on the Great Place to Work list of the World’s Best Workplaces. Workforce feedback is a valuable source of information for Hilton, and, in the past, homegrown ideas have led to global program enhancements and local changes at Hilton properties and corporate offices around the world.

Each year, Hilton receives hundreds of thousands of survey comments from its workforce capturing unique perspectives from team members across different backgrounds, demographics, and locations. However, the volume of responses makes it difficult to aggregate feedback and define actionable recommendations in a timely manner.

Hilton wanted to quickly identify top themes at all levels of the organization, relate comment themes to scaled survey questions, explore insights across different workforce segments, and find a solution robust enough for an analyst, but intuitive enough for any of its team members to use.

Hilton selected Daylight Express, which brings Luminoso’s proprietary QuickLearn technology to companies that are just getting started with customer experience analytics as well as companies that are looking for alternatives to their existing text analytics tools.

Through a partnership with Luminoso, Hilton was able to process its team member comments using Luminoso Daylight in minutes. With the ability to explore themes, analyze demographic subsets, and dig deeper into concepts driving numerical scores, Hilton has improved its ability to turn team member feedback into action.

Exploring comment feedback through Luminoso Daylight enables Hilton to add depth and detail to numeric survey results, specifically allowing the organization to tap into a form of feedback that was previously difficult to summarize, broaden the scope of suggestions while increasing specificity, easily explore differences in team member experiences across demographics, and simplify tracking of sentiment year-over-year.

The use of Daylight Express has also allowed Hilton to reduce the time required to review and categorize comments, increased accuracy and reliability of theme classifications with no need to update or maintain keywords, and expanded the accessibility and use of comment data through a flexible and user-friendly platform.

For more information, go to https://luminoso.com and www.hilton.com.

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