Solgari releases new browser-based solution to foster conversations

Solgari, a provider of the Dynamics 365 All-Channel Solution, is releasing Converse as the customer and agent UI.

Converse is a browser-based solution that utilizes Solgari’s AI and machine learning to empower conversations in the browser, delivering a consistent experience across all channels – audio, video, chat, SMS, and more.

According to Solgari, Converse's combination of AI and ML delivers smoother conversations between agents and customers through a “Know Me” and “Support Me” principle, with all communications delivered within Dynamics 365 via Microsoft’s Channel Integration Framework. 

To mark this release, Solgari is offering a free 2-week trial for Dynamics 365 users so they can see the end-to-end solution in action.

The solution is also available on Microsoft AppSource using the Channel Integration Framework -Microsoft AppSource: Solgari - the Dynamics 365 All-Channel Solution.

Converse empowers seamless conversation, all inside the browser, said Vance Harris, CTO, Solgari.  The combination of Solgari’s features and functionality, with AI and machine learning, means that customers can enjoy richer conversations, however and wherever they choose, Harris explained.

For more information about this news, visit www.solgari.com.

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