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AdhereHealth leverages Paxata’s Adaptive Information Platform

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AdhereHealth, a healthcare technology company focused on medication adherence, is using the Paxata Adaptive Information Platform to help its managed care and self-insured employer partners to improve speed of quality data integration.

As a healthcare technology solutions leader, AdhereHealth supports health plans, self-insured employers, and other risk-bearing entities with medication adherence insights and improved healthcare outcomes. Paxata provides self-service data preparation technology to allow people, processes, and systems in the organization to transform raw data into information on-demand.

AdhereHealth targets the nation’s $300 billion of annual unnecessary medical spend caused by gaps in medication adherence. The company’s Adhere platform touches nearly 10 million consumers through advanced technologies, at-risk engagement services and home-delivered pharmacy. With the help of Paxata’s advanced technologies, AdhereHealth is helping their clients reduce medical costs and improve value-based performance. Using self-service data preparation, AdhereHealth uses data analysts to integrate client data rather than ETL (Extract Transform Load) development resources. 

Leveraging Paxata, AdhereHealth has established a flexible data standard, which led to faster implementations and a significant reduction in the time it takes to intake new claims data from one month to seven days.

“Paxata enables AdhereHealth to expedite client partner integrations for an exceedingly large set of multivariate data streams,” said Jason Z. Rose, AdhereHealth CEO. “While the healthcare industry has an inherent information lag, leveraging Paxata’s Adaptive Information Platform enables AdhereHealth to use machine learning technologies to improve data quality and processing speed.”

Paxata’s Adaptive Information Platform accelerates analytics by removing the critical bottleneck of turning raw data into trustworthy information with an enterprise-grade, self-service data preparation application and a machine learning platform. By providing business leaders and analysts with an easy to use interactive self-service data preparation application, the solution enables them to deliver better consumer/patient experiences, improve operational efficiencies, and comply with regulatory requirements.  

For more information about the companies, go to www.adherehealth.com and www.paxata.com.

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