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Tethr and Red Box partner to improve Voice of Customer analytics

Tethr, provider of an AI-powered conversational intelligence platform for listening enterprises, and Red Box, provider of a platform for voice, have formed a strategic partnership to help customers capture and gain business insights from voice data.

Tethr's AI-based platform has been trained with more than a decade of service, sales, and customer experience research and delivers out-of-the-box insights enabling joint customers to transform their unstructured customer conversations into insights tuned to their business.

Red Box captures audio from more than 55 telephony systems, enabling Tethr to increase its breadth of capture capability and leverage high quality audio within its platform for its customers' analysis.

As part of the integration provided by the partnership, customer voice conversations captured on the Red Box platform can be seamlessly ingested into Tethr's AI-based platform, transcribed, and mined for business insights using Tethr's research-backed insights libraries for customer effort, loyalty, sales effectiveness, and initiatives.

The work Tethr has done to surface insights from customer conversations is driving value for enterprises, enabling measurable improvements in overall CX, said Richard Stevenson, Red Box CEO.

Tethr CEO Mike Mings added that partnering with Red Box enables Tethr to combine the voice dataset from Red Box with its own advanced, research-backed AI to deliver insights from customer interactions to the enterprise.

For more information, go to www.redboxvoice.com and https://tethr.com.

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