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Manifest MedEx selects Verato to improve EMPI and resolve duplicate records

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Manifest MedEx (MX), California’s largest nonprofit health data network, is using Verato Auto-Steward to help eliminate duplicate patient records and improve patient matching accuracy.

Verato is a provider of cloud-based master patient index (MPI) and duplicate record resolution services.

Verato Auto-Steward is the company's cloud-based service that plugs into electronic health record (EHR) and enterprise master patient index (EMPI) systems to automatically find and resolve their duplicate medical records using smart Referential Matching technology.

MX currently helps deliver health data for more than 11 million patients across California. Resolving patient identities across millions of records from its hundreds of participating hospitals, clinics, and other provider and payer organizations is a challenge. MX has an existing EMPI technology to help address this issue, however, the EMPI has flagged hundreds of thousands of records as “potential duplicates” that would require time-consuming manual review to be resolved.

MX decided to use Verato Auto-Steward and its smart Referential Matching technology to automatically resolve the duplicate records that the EMPI cannot handle. This saves MX the time and effort of manual record review and enables more complete and connected health data across California.

Manifest MedEx’s mission is to deliver accurate health information to participants so they can do the hard work of improving patient care, said David Kates, CTO of MX. The matching results of Verato’s technology improve the accuracy of resolving duplicate patient records in its EMPI, helping to facilitate the secure exchange of real-time information on millions of patients, while simultaneously reducing operational costs, time, and effort, he added.

To learn more, visit https://verato.com.

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