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Are We Heading Toward a Too-Much-Data Problem With Text? (Video)

At Text Analytics Forum 2018, co-located with KMWorld 2018, Christopher Biow, Basis Technology SVP, Global Public Sector, looked at the advancing glut of text and discussed the data management challenges it may pose.

According to Biow, we are now long passed the point at which even even “medium data” projects exceed the capacity of human analysts to actually read the corpus.

However, it is clear that, the human element is to ensuring quality in analytics. The only way to handle the barrage of data is triage, contends Biow. By determining which text warrants human attention, which should be condensed by automated means, and which may actually best be disregarded as valueless or actively malign, attention can then be targeted on the area of greatest potential value.

In his presentation, Biow explored how initial steps with high-volume, automated processing can best tune their accuracy trade-offs to optimize the latter, human-moderated steps.

Many speakers have made their slide decks available at  www.text-analytics-forum.com/2018/Presentations.aspx .

Learn more at Text Analytics Forum 2019, coming to Washington, DC, Nov. 6-7.

Watch the complete video of this presentation in the KMWorld Conference 2018 Video Portal. 

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