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Design Thinking for Tech Selection, Part 5: Test (Video)

In his presentation at KMWorld 2018, Real Story Group's Jarrod Gingras discussed how to apply the five phases of design thinking—empathy, definition, ideation, prototyping, and testing in choosing the right technology for a digital workplace. 

What we're doing here is crafting an approach here that's iterative. And by iterative I mean you're sketching some requirements at the outset but in the form of scenarios.” 

This is not a perfect list of requirements, he noted. “It is slightly imperfect, but as you go through these steps and as you get closer and closer to a decision, what you're doing is you're learning about what's possible from these vendors,” said Gingras. “You're also learning what you are capable of as an organization.” 

As companies go through this process they learn what vendors can do, and learn about themselves and what they need and what is most important to them, and this can be refined over time. “Those initial set of scenarios become a subset as you get to the latter stages and you can say, ‘Okay, these are what is most important to us, let's really hone in on this.’” 

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