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Will AI make machines autonomous decision makers soon? (Video)

In a presentation at KMWorld 2018, Jeremy Bentley, CEO and founder of Smartlogic, considered the myths about the power of machines as autonomous decision makers in organizations. 

While machines excel in many narrowly focused endeavors, the problem is that the business of decision asking is so wide. 

“I don't believe today it's mature enough to provide full autonomous decision support,” he said, noting, however, “I think it can automate the next level of repetitive work.” 

In addition, its cost and efficiency perspective is simple, said Bentley. “The thing that's being missed out of this next generation of repetitive work is that it's actually very high quality. The machines have got to a point where, with human governance, they're actually a bit higher quality than humans doing repetitive work. For example, keying in data out of a contract. Data veracity is important, and semantic AI supports the automation of these sorts of tasks.” 

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