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Ontotext releases GraphDB 8.8

Ontotext has released GraphDB 8.8, the latest version of its signature semantic graph database, which now offers MongoDB integration for large-scale metadata management, new semantic similarity search based on graph embedding, and faster and more flexible full-text search (FTS) connectors.

The new plug-in for MongoDB enables queries from MongoDB of JSON-LD serialized data. The MongoDB integration also allows developers and solution architects to substantially improve the write performance of their RDF solutions when dealing with document-centric data. Evaluation with the LDBC Semantic Publishing Benchmark enables more than 80x higher update rates for a repository with metadata about millions of documents.

GraphDB 8.8 now allows users to perform semantic similarity searches based on the embedding of relationships in a graph (Subject-Predicate-Object triples or Predications) in a highly-scalable vector space model. Similar to the integration of full-text search as FTS connectors, one can define similarity indices, which can be used later on as part of SPARQL queries to efficiently extract semantically similar nodes from an RDF graph.

The new release also helps operation teams to speed up the backup time of large repositories through the new fast backup mechanism of large repositories in the GraphDB Cluster.

Another key feature of GraphDB 8.8 is the addition of configurable extended headers logging. This enables operation users and solution architects to correlate transactions and requests across GraphDB-based solutions. Operation teams will now be able to track and monitor transactions and requests across all Ontotext systems.

The latest release also provides several connector enhancements for reconciliation. These include faster indexing, read-only mode during creation and creating a connector from data inserted into a virtual graph. The connector enhancements allow for creating a connector from data loaded from an RDF file, automatic detection of fields when creating a connector and version tracking.

GraphDB 8.8 has been upgraded to the latest RDF4J 2.4.2 public release with the latest bug fixes and features implemented in the RDF4J.



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